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A complete range of bell installation and restoration services.
St. Helen, Abingdon, Oxon.


  • New bell frames constructed in hot-dipped galvanized steel, cast-iron or timber.

  • Restoration of existing bell frames

  • Modern steel or cast-iron headstocks

  • Traditional timber headstocks with forged supporting ironwork on ancient chiming bells

  • All work on traditional wrought-iron clappers

  • Manufacturing of timber and nylon shaft clappers 

  • Traditional timber bell-wheels and repairs to existing wheels

Magdalen College, Oxford


  • Periodic Servicing of bell installations (usually annual or biennial)

  • Free inspections, reports and estimates anywhere on the U.K. mainland

  • Supply of new bells

  • Tuning of bells

  • Incorporation into projects of the recasting of bells

  • Chiming bells and fittings

  • Bell-rope supply to meet individual requirements

  • Up-to-date CAD drawing, design and specifications.

Clapper forging


Our current staff, most of whom are bellringers, are skilled in engineering, welding (mig and arc), bell tuning, carpentry and joinery, blacksmithing, rope-splicing and computer technology. One of our bellhangers also holds an HGV licence and, if required, we can personally transport bells, frames and fittings to and from the Church, thus ensuring appropriate care throughout all stages of the project.


Our cast-iron frame sides, headstocks and ductile iron clappers are cast to our own design and specifications at local foundries. Our clappers have traditional octagonal flights. Bell frames and fittings (including our own fabricated steel cannon-retaining headstocks) are manufactured in our workshops at Appleton where customers can view their own completed project.




May I on behalf of us all here thank you most warmly for a wonderful rehang - the bells sound glorious, they ring beautifully and we are simply delighted. The two sixes are very fine in quite different ways. As we hoped, we still have the Bromyard sound but transformed! And working with you all has made a complicated process a great pleasure.


Do pass on our deepest appreciation to everyone.

David Parker, Project Manager - Bromyard, Herefordshire

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