Ramsbury, Wilts

Ramsbury, Wilts.

(6 bells, Tenor 13-1-25 in F)

The bells have been tuned, turned and rehung on new fittings in the existing strengthened timber frame.  The crown of the 5th was specialist weld-repaired.  New flooring was also fitted under the bells and a rope guide installed.


Ledbury, Herefs.

(10 bells, Tenor 19-3-6 in Eb)

The 2nd and 5th bells are to be replaced and the ring augmented to ten, with all four bells being cast by the Westley Group.  The other bells have been restored by specialist weld-repairing by Soundweld and tuned at Appleton before being rehung on new and existing fittings in the extended cast iron bell frame.  A training bell has been installed in the ringing chamber.

Little Horwood.JPG

Little Horwood, Bucks.

(6 bells, Tenor 8-2-10 in G)

The former treble of the ring of five has been stood down and replaced with a new bell. The ring has been augmented to six, tuned and rehung on new fittings in a new cast iron bell frame.


Keynsham, Somerset

(8 bells, Tenor 24-3-27 in D)

The 7th headstock has been fitted with new gudgeons.  A timber shaft clapper has been fitted in the tenor bell.  Repairs have been made to the oak bell frame.


Alnwick, Northumberland

(10 bells, Tenor 10-0-9 in G)

The three old bells and frame were removed, the two mediaeval bells being put on display in the church.  The former ring of six from Newton Hall have been re-tuned to great effect and augmented to ten with four new bells.  The bells were hung with new fittings in a new cast iron bell frame.

HMS King Alfred.jpg

HMS King Alfred

(1 chiming bell) 

A new bell has been cast and hung at the Portsmouth base for HMS King Alfred.

Barford St Martin.JPG

Barford St. Martin, Wilts.

(6 bells, Tenor 11-3-26 in F#)

The 5th and Tenor bells have been recast and all bells tuned and rehung on new fittings in the existing strengthened bell frame.


Ashendon, Bucks.

(3 chiming bells, Tenor in 7-2-14 in A)

The cracked Treble bell has been stood down and replaced with a tenor, formerly from St. Michael's, Alnwick, to create a chime of three in A.  The bells have been hung "dead" and fitted with electromagnetic hammers.  The Sanctus bell has also been rehung.


St Luke, Southsea, Hants.

(1 chiming bell)

This single, chiming bell has been rehung for electrically controlled operation.