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RAMSBURY, WILTS. (6 bells, Tenor 16 cwt. approx. in F)
Weld-repair the cracked treble


The treble bell cracked suddenly during ringing.  The bell was lowered to the ground, transported to Soundweld for specialist weld-repairing, and was then rehung with new and existing fittings.

These projects were completed during 2016
RINGWOOD, HANTS (8 bells, Tenor 17-2-18 in E)
Correcting odd-struckness


The installation received a general maintenance check and the clappers were set up for even clappering to get rid of odd-struckness.

BROAD CHALKE, WILTS. (8 bells, Tenor 15-0-11 in F)
Correcting odd-struckness


The installation received a general maintenance check and the clappers were rebushed and set up for even clappering to get rid of odd-struckness.

Control unit replacement

Following damage by a lightning strike, the electronic control unit was replaced. 

This automatically chimes the bell with an electromagnetic hammer at set times.

RUSKINGTON, LINCS. (6 bells, Tenor 11-1-11 in F)
Pulley units


The original worn pulley units have been replaced.

New life for an old bell in a new building

Following the relocation of the school to a new site, the original school bell from the C19th turret has been rehung on new fittings in a new bell tower.

ABINGDON, OXON. (ST. HELEN) (10 bells, Tenor 16-0-0 in F)
Clock bell


The former 8th bell from Long Crendon, Bucks, has been hung stationary above the ring of ten bells, to be used as a clock bell.  This allows the hour strike to be heard better over the town.

BLEWBURY, OXON. (8 bells, Tenor 19-0-13 in E)
New clappers

A new set of clappers and staples has been fitted to corrected leading dimensions, also setting them up for even striking.  We have also fitted additional tie-rods and strengthening steelwork to the timber bell frame in recent years to reduce frame movement.

EAST HANNINGFIELD, ESSEX (3 bells, Tenor 6-0-6 in B)
Returning an unringable three to use


The bells have been unringable for a while due to deteriorating fittings.  The wheels have been restored, the clappers re-leathered and new pulley units are to be fitted.

AMMANFORD, CARMARTHENSHIRE. (1 bell, 3 cwt. approx.)
Refurbishment of bell frame and fittings


The bell, frame and fittings have been dismantled and temporarily removed during tower restoration works.  These will be overhauled and repaired and then reinstated later in the year.

MORTIMER, BERKS. (6 bells, Tenor 7-2-16 in A#)
Major bell frame repairs and long-term restoration works


The lower cills and some braces of the lower oak bell frame on one side of the tower had rotted away where damp had been held against the wall.  We replaced this with new timber and all required traditional joinery.  New clappers and pulleys were fitted, and the bells were quarter-turned.

WOBURN, BEDS. (8 bells, Tenor 24-1-16 in D)
Ball bearings


We fitted new gudgeons and ball bearings to the cast iron headstock of the 7th bell in 2011.  We have now converted the other seven to ball bearings as well as improve the rope paths and set the clappers up for even striking.

PRESTEIGNE, POWYS (8 bells, Tenor 13-2-21 in F)
Retuning and rehanging on new fittings


The bells have been retuned and rehung on new fittings in the existing cast iron bell frame.

BASINGSTOKE, HANTS (ALL SAINTS). (10 bells, Tenor 11-0-6 in F)
Augmenting the ring to ten


A new bell has been cast to augment the ring of nine to ten.  Additional framework was installed and the rope circle adjusted accordingly.

Little Milton Primary School
HORSPATH, OXON. (6 bells, Tenor 5-2-9 in Bb)
New pulley units


New pulley units have been fitted to all six bells, as well as additional units in the intermediate chamber.

BRIGHTWELL, OXON (8 bells, Tenor 9-3-3 in G#)
Retuning and rehanging


The five oldest bells have had their cast-in crown staples removed, the cracked 7th bell was specialist weld-repaired, and all eight bells were re-tuned and rehung on mostly new fittings in the existing, strengthened bell frames.

SHREWSBURY (St. Chad) (12 bells (+2), Tenor 39-2-7 in C)
Forge welding of clapper


The 11th wrought iron clapper broke in two during ringing.  We repaired it by traditional forge-welding.

DOWNE, KENT (6 bells, Tenor 10-0-1 in G)


The clappers were rebushed, the pulley units replaced and a flapping board fitted to the 5th bell to aid rope travel.  The clock hammer was also adjusted. 

COOMBE BISSETT, WILTS. (6 bells, Tenor 10-1-5 in G)
Overhaul and improvements


The 4th bell has been fitted with an adjustable staple, with all six bells being set up for even clappering with our laser timing meter.  New ceiling bosses were fitted to reduce rope wear, the rope circle also being improved.

SOUTHAMPTON (St. Michael & All Angels, Bassett Avenue) (single bell, 3-0-19 in F#)
Rehung for swing-chiming


The single bell has been rehung on new fittings and ball bearings.  Due to the requirement for a very long chiming lever, a counterbalance has also been fitted.

LITTLE MILTON, OXON. Church of England Primary School
Cleaning and refurbishing


The bell has been sand-blasted to carefully remove old paint and pollution deposits.  The cast-in crown staple has been removed and the bell has been rehung in the refurbished turret with partly-new fittings.

Little Milton Primary School
BROMYARD, HEREFS. (10 bells, Tenor 13-3-13 in F)
Augment the ring to ten


Two trebles were cast to augment the ring to ten.  The 6th bell (former 4th of 8) was also recast.  The remaining seven existing bells have been retuned.  The clapper and staple dimensions were adjusted and new pulley units fitted throughout.  The existing bell frame was extended and altered to obtain a good rope circle.  Two dumb-bells were also installed.

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