These projects were completed in 2017.

Cripplegate, London

(12 bells + 1 semitone bell, Tenor 34-0-6 in C#) New gudgeons and bearings

The 8th, 9th and 10th bells of the ring of twelve have been fitted with new gudgeons and bearings with "end-float" facilities.

Burford, Oxon.

(8 bells, Tenor 17-3-0 in E) Four new headstocks

The corroding headstocks on the treble, 2nd, 5th and 6th bells were replaced with new galvanised and powder-coated canon-retaining headstocks.  New staple units, pulley units and runnerboards were also fitted.

Sheffield Cathedral

(12 bells + 2 semitone bells, Tenor 34-0-7 in C#) New Extra Treble Bell

A new Extra Treble bell was cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, who also cast the original thirteen bells in 1970.  We hung the bell with a complete set of full-circle ringing fittings in a new cast iron and galvanised steel upper-tier bell frame.  This bell allows a lighter ring of ten to be rung, using the 9th as the tenor.

Scalby, N. Yorks.

(6 bells, Tenor 9-2-1 in G#) Major Overhaul

We have rebushed the clappers and replaced the pulley units, insulation pads and bell support bolts.  The bearings were cleaned, inspected and re-greased.

Rise, E. Yorks

(5 bells, Tenor 9-1-1 in G) Ball Bearings

New gudgeons and ball bearings have been fitted to the existing cast iron headstocks.  A new set of bell ropes was also supplied.

Piddington, Northants.

(6 bells, Tenor 10-2-23 in G#) Frame Restoration and Access Improvements

Two heavily corroded X-ends in the bell frame were replaced with new galvanised steel X-ends.  Some frameside feet bolts were also replaced.  New and improved access ladders were installed.

Long Riston, E. Yorks

(3 bells, Tenor 5-1-20 in Db) Ball Bearings and Other New Fittings

The existing cast iron headstocks have been fitted with new gudgeons and ball bearings.  The wheels were re-rimmed and the clappers rebushed.  New pulley units, bell support bolts and staying gear were also fitted.

Ampfield, Hants.

Swing-chiming Turret Bells

The corroded central iron frameside was replaced with a new galvanised and powder-coated steel frameside and the two bells rehung with new traditional swing-chiming fittings.  The cast-in crown staples were removed prior to rehanging.

Great Bourton, Oxon.

Swing-Chiming Bell

The single bell was rehung on new swing-chiming fittings in the two-bell alcove in the west wall of the church.

Wells Cathedral, Somerset

(10 bells, Tenor 56-1-14. in C) Rope guides and rope circle improvements

A set of rope guides has been installed for the front six bells, thereby reducing the long rope draught.  The treble, 2nd, 4th and 6th ropes have been repositioned to improve the rope circle and to give more room for the bell ringers where ropes used to fall close to the walls.  The wheel garter holes were repositioned and double pulley units fitted accordingly.

Cheltenham, Glos. (St. Mark)

(8 bells, Tenor 16-1-2 in F) Wheel repairs

The bell wheels have become distorted, allowing some of the bell ropes to slip wheel.  We fitted new steel braces and then adjusted them to run true.

Little Wittenham, Oxon.

(5 bells, Tenor 5cwt. approx. in C) Rehanging the Tenor and minor works

The tenor bell has had its cast-in crown staple drilled out by hand in the tower and it was then rehung on all new fittings.  The fittings of the front four bells were overhauled or replaced.

Stratfield Mortimer, Berks.

(8 bells, Tenor 11-2-23 in F#) Major Overhaulworks

A new set of clappers and staples have been fitted to the bells and subsequently set up for even striking.  The staying gear has also been replaced, much of the work having been carried out by the local bellringers.

Lanhill, Wilts.

(Single Bell) Automated electronically controlled chiming

This single bell at a private house has been rehung in a new oak bell frame, made by one of our carpenter joiners.  It was fitted with an electromagnetic chiming hammer and is controlled by a digital control unit.

Ewenny Priory, Galmorgan

(1 bell) Conservation work

The 8cwt. bell had its cast-in crown staple removed and the bell was rehung on most of its existing fittings, carefully conserving those that are older or contemporary with the bell whilst ensuring the strength and safety of the frame and support beams.  A new trigger-action chiming clapper was fitted.

Effingham, Surrey (Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Sorrows)

Maintenance and overhaul

This single slow-swinging Gillett & Johnston bell was rehung on ball bearings, overhauling the other existing fittings.  The eight tubular bells were overhauled, fitting new chiming ropes, and repairing the muffling facility.

Church Enstone, Oxon.

(6 bells, Tenor 10-2-14 in G) Sanctus bell

The Sanctus bell has being rehung on new fittings for swing-chiming, following repairs to the tower.

East Clandon, Surrey

(3 bells, Tenor 9-3-15 in A) Maintenance and overhaul

The fittings of these swing-chiming bells have been overhauled and the metalwork repainted.  Although fitted with full wheels, the bells are only chimed due to the ancient frame being weak.  Stays and sliders are not fitted.

North Leigh, Oxon.

(6 bells, Tenor 9-3-15 in G) Sanctus bell

The ancient Sanctus bell has been rehung on new fittings, having been out of use for many years.

Whitestaunton, Somerset

(6 bells, Tenor 10-1-9 in F#) Augmentation to six in a new bell frame

The five bells have been retuned and rehung on new fittings in a new cast iron and steel bell frame.  A treble bell, sourced via the Keltek Trust, has been added to augment the ring to six.

Brant Broughton, Lincs.

(6 bells, Tenor 23-2-6 in E) Rehanging with new fittings in the existing bell frame

The bells have been rehung with all new fittings in the existing two-tier timber bell frame, retaining the canons on the front five bells.

Lockeridge, Wilts.

(Kennet Valley C of E Primary School) (1 bell) Restoration and rehang

The School bell has been rehung on new fittings for swing-chiming.

Savernake, Wilts.

(5 bells, Tenor 11-1-18 in G) Rehanging with new fittings in the existing bell frame

The bells have been re-tuned and rehung with all new fittings in the existing timber bell frame.

We have also created upper trapways and installed lifting beams, as well as access ladders.

Cheltenham Minster, Glos.

(12 bells + Sharp 2nd, Tenor 21-2-1 in Eb.) A new ring of twelve with Sharp 2nd in a new cast iron frame

Thirteen new bells have been cast and tuned by Taylors of Loughborough.  We have hung them in a new cast iron frame with all new fittings.  We shot-blast cleaned and overhauled the clock bell which has been fitted with an electromagnetic chiming hammer.  A dumb bell was also made and installed.

East Hagbourne, Oxon.

(8 bells, Tenor 22 cwt. approx. in Eb) Sanctus bell

The Sanctus bell has been rehung on new fittings for swing-chiming.

ABINGDON, OXON. (St. Michael)

(3 chiming bells) Rehanging on new traditional fittings

The three turret bells had been derelict and unused for some time.  They have now been restored to use by having their cast-in crown staples removed and rehung on new traditional swing-chiming fittings.

Little Hampden, Bucks.

(1 bell) Rehanging on new fittings

The bell has been rehung on new fittings for swing-chiming.

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