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These projects were completed during 2020
Sherston Church

Sherston, Wilts.
(6 bells, 8-1-12 in G)  Clapper overhaul

The clappers have been rebushed and set up for even clappering.

Letcombe Bassett Church

Letcombe Bassett, Oxon.

(3 bells, 4-1-7 in C)  Rehung on new fittings

The bells have been turned and rehung on new fittings in the existing, strengthened, timber bell frame.

Nether Worton

Nether Worton, Oxon.

(2 chiming bells)  Rehanging with traditional fittings

The two bells have been rehung on traditional swing-chiming fittings, the larger bell also having been tuned.  A new seasoned oak beam has been installed as part of the restoration of the bell supports.  The old fittings are preserved in the tower.

Odiham bell unhung

Odiham, Hants.

(6 bells, 12-1-11 in F)  Overhaul and frame strengthening

Due to rot in some of the frame timbers, galvanised support steels have been installed under the frame and tie-rods fitted to reduce frame movement.  The clappers and pulley units have been overhauled and the defective resin pads replaced.  Rope guides have also been installed.

Owslebury tenor - cracked

Owslebury, Hants.

(6 bells, 8-2-12 in A)  Cracked tenor bell repaired

The tenor bell developed a crack in the soundbow, which was weld-repaired by Soundweld.  The bell has now been rehung on new fittings with other minor works being carried out to the other bells.

Wimbotsham, Norfolk

Wimbotsham, Norfolk

(3 bells, 7cwt. approx. in A)  Bells retrieved from fire-damaged tower

Following a large fire, which caused extensive damage to most of the church, including the tower, the bells were carefully removed in conjunction with a specialist abseiling company due to the precarious state or absence of the floors, frame, fittings and roof.  All three were badly cracked and have been examined in detail by Soundweld. 


The future of a bell installation here is uncertain at present.

Silchester bells

Silchester, Hants.

(5 bells, 7-0-1 in Bb)  Rehung on new fittings

The bells have been turned and rehung on new fittings in the existing bell frame.  The 2nd bell has been tuned.  Rope guides were also installed.

Elkstone, Glos_

Elkstone, Glos.

(6 bells, 9-3-26 in G)  Tuning and rehanging

The bells have been turned and rehung on new fittings in the existing bell frame. 

Woodhurst Church

Woodhurst, Cambs.

(1 bell)  Rehanging for chiming

The bell had its cast-in crown staple removed and was rehung for swing-chiming on new, traditional chiming fittings.

Hanslope, Bucks_

Hanslope, Bucks.

(8 bells, 18-3-19 in Eb)  Tuning and rehanging on new fittings in a new frame

The front seven bells have been retuned (permission was not granted for tuning the tenor) and all eight have been rehung on new fittings in a new cast iron bell frame on a 10-bell galvanised steel grillage lower in the tower.

Great Tew Church

Great Tew, Oxon.

(8 bells, 22-0-10 in D)  Major overhaul

The fittings have been refurbished and the installation underwent maintenance work.

Amersham Church

Amersham, Bucks.

(12 bells + Sharp 2nd, 19-0-6 in E)  New 11th clapper

Following a breakage, the 11th clapper was replaced.


Sandsend, N. Yorks.

(1 chiming bell)

The single bell has been equipped with new traditional swing-chiming fittings ready for installation by local volunteers.


Gravesend, Kent (RC)

A digital bell control unit has been fitted to replace an older obsolete unit.


Woolhampton, Berks.

(3 bells, Tenor 4-1-20)

The bells have had their cast-in crown staples removed and been rehung for stationary chiming with trigger-action clappers.


Withernwick, E. Yorks.

(2 chiming bells)

The two bells have been rehung for swing-chiming using traditional and stainless-steel fittings.

Middleton on Sea.jpg

Middleton-on-Sea, W. Sussex

(1 chiming bell)

A new electromagnetic hammer and control unit have been fitted to the single bell.  Following discovery of rot in the bell frame, the bell was rehung in a new hardwood bell frame on a timber deadstock.

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