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These projects were completed during 2012
Russian "Zvon" bells


Four bells, cast in Russia with the traditional "zvon" method of ringing in mind, have been hung for stationary chiming with internal trigger-action hammers.

Automated slow-swinging bell


A bell (approx 7 cwt.) from Corpus Christi College, Oxford, has been hung for electric

slow-swinging in a new galvanised steel bell frame.  An electro-magnetic hammer has also been fitted. Both this and the linear motor are controlled by a programable timer unit.

INVERNESS CATHEDRAL, SCOTLAND (10 bells, Tenor 16-3-12 in Eb)
New 9th bell


The poor-toned 9th bell has been recast and hung on the existing fittings.

HIGH WYCOMBE, BUCKS (12 + 2 bells, Tenor 26-3-15 in D)
A new ring of bells


A new ring of fourteen bells (a diatonic twelve with two semi-tone bells to provide a lighter ring of ten) has been cast to Gillett & Johnston profiles and hung with new fittings in a new cast iron bell frame fixed to a concrete ring beam.

KILBURN (ST. MARY), LONDON (6 bells, Tenor 9-3-22 in G)
Redundant bells form a new ring

The three existing bells have been rehung in a new galvanised steel frame and augmented to six with bells from the former rings at Prittlewell and High Wycombe.

(6 bells, Tenor 26-2-9 in D)
A grand six restored


This heavy ring of six has been rehung on new fittings in the existing bell frame.

GREAT SHEFFORD, BERKS. (6 bells, Tenor 7-0-7 in Ab)
Tuning and rehanging in a round tower


The upper cills of the frame have been disconnected from the walls of the tower and the foundation strengthened.  The bells have been re-tuned and rehung on new fittings.

WYCK RISSINGTON, GLOS. (4 bells, Tenor 6-0-19 in B.)
A ring of four rehung


The four bells have been re-tuned and rehung on new fittings in the existing strengthened frame.  Two galvanised steel beams have been installed under the frame to strengthen the frame foundation.

WIMBORNE MINSTER, DORSET (12 + 1 bells, Tenor 29-2-20 in D)
Augmentation to twelve and a light octave


Three bells have been added to augment the ring to twelve with a sharp 2nd to provide a light octave.  The existing frame has been extended with new cast iron framesides.  The new bells were cast to 1911 Gillett & Johnston profiles.

ROOS, E. YORKS (6 bells, Tenor 12-3-11 in F)
Augmentation to six (Augmented to eight in 2014)


The existing bells have been rehung on ball bearings and the other fittings refurbished.  The ring has also been augmented to six, a sixth pit being added in a new frame above the existing 5-bell frame.

A bell for the Repatriation Ceremonies


A new bell (approx. 6 cwt.) has been cast and hung for stationary chiming in a custom-made oak tower.  The bell is used during Repatriation ceremonies.

MAGDALEN COLLEGE, OXFORD (10 bells, Tenor 17-1-7 in E)
Tuning and rehanging


The ten bells have been re-tuned and rehung on new fittings in the existing restored bell frame. The 6th and 8th bells have been specialist weld-repaired in their crowns.

CANFORD MAGNA, DORSET (6 bells, Tenor 9-2-24 in F#)
Rehanging of a ring of six


The ring of six has been rehung on new fittings in the existing bell frame.  The bells were not re-tuned.

ALVECHURCH, WORCS  (8 bells, Tenor 12-0-1 in G)
Three recast bells and a new bell frame

The treble, 2nd and tenor have been recast and all eight bells have been rehung in a new cast iron bell frame with new fittings.

STEEPLE ASTON, OXON. (8 bells, Tenor 12-2-16 in F)
A new tenor bell


The tenor has been replaced with a new bell, some 2 cwt. heavier than the former tenor.       It was cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry as a Diamond Jubilee bell and bears the Royal Coat of Arms.

MILLAND, W. SUSSEX (6 bells, Tenor 11-2-3 in F#)
Six bells rehung in the existing bell frame


The six bells have been re-tuned and rehung on new fittings in the existing bell frame.

WESTBURY ON SEVERN, GLOS. (6 bells, Tenor 20-0-7 in E)
Unringable bells restored to use


This heavy six has been rehung on new fittings in the existing strengthened bell frame.  All cast-in crown staples were removed and the bells were re-tuned.

OXFORD (ST GILES) (8 bells, Tenor 14-0-1 in F#)
Retuning and rehanging


The eight bells have been tuned, sand-blasted and rehung on new fittings in the existing bell frame.  Due to the location of the organ under the tower, the bells were removed via a bell chamber window and down an external scaffold.

PEWSEY, WILTS. (6 bells, Tenor 12-0-27 in F)
Major maintenance works


The clappers have been rebushed and the sliders and runnerboards replaced.

LECHLADE, GLOS. (6 bells, Tenor 13-0-7 in E)
Headstock repair


The 3rd headstock has been repaired following the cracking of one of the bell bolt lugs.

SWILLINGTON, W. YORKS (8 bells, Tenor 12-0-22 in G)
New bell wheels


A new set of eight traditional hardwood wheels has been made.

BINGHAM, NOTTS. (8 bells, 14-3-27 in E)
Major overhaul


The clappers have been re-bushed and overhauled, the pulley units replaced and the 2nd bell rebalanced and drilled.  Additional pulley units and flapping boards have been fitted in the intermediate chamber so that the bell ropes no longer rub against the floor.

BEACHAMPTON, BUCKS. (5 bells, Tenor 8-0-27 in Ab)
Conversion to ball bearings and major overhaul


The existing Gillett & Johnston headstocks have been fitted with new gudgeons and ball bearings.  New wheels have been fitted and the remaining fittings refurbished.

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