These are the projects we are currently working on.  For details of Recent Projects, use the menu at the top of the page.
Our bellhangers remove the existing bells, remove cast-in crown staples etc. and tune them in our Works, also manufacturing the new frames and fittings themselves, and then return them to the tower.  This ensures a complete start-to-finish process by our small team, using the UK bell foundries for new and recast bells.

Charlton (Wantage), Oxon.

(2 bells) Derelict bells to be rehung.

The two bells are very difficult to access and so were removed via the louvre openings from a cherry picker access platform.  They are to be tuned and rehung on new traditional swing-chiming fittings.

Ledbury, Herefs.

(8 bells, 22-0-27 in Eb) Augmentation to ten

The 2nd and 5th bells are to be replaced and the ring augmented to ten, with all four bells being cast by the Westley Group.  The other bells have been restored by specialist weld-repairing by Soundweld and tuned at Appleton before being rehung on new and existing fittings in the extended cast iron bell frame.  A training bell has been installed in the ringing chamber.

Croydon Minster

(12 bells (plus Flat 6th and Extra Treble), 36-3-18 in C#) Major overhaul

New gudgeons are being fitted to six of the headstocks, the ball races replaced, the pulley units replaced and the clappers rebushed or replaced.

Braintree, Essex

(10 bells, 10-2-27 in Gb) Tuning and rehanging

The ten bells have been retuned and are being rehung on new fittings in the existing refurbished bell frames.

Woolhampton, Berks

(3 bells) Chiming restoration

The three bells have had their cast-in crown staples removed and will be rehung for chiming in the timber tower.

Withernwick, E. Yorks.

(2 chiming bells) Rehanging on new fittings

The two turret bells are being rehung with new fittings for swing-chiming.

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