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These projects were completed in 2018.

Nympsfield, Glos.

(1 bell) A derelict single bell being brought back into use

This bell has been drilled by hand to remove the cast-in crown staple.  It was then rehung on traditional fittings for stationary manual chiming.

Cuddesdon, Oxon.

(6 bells, Tenor 12-3-7 in F) Tune and rehang in the existing restored bell frame

The six bells were removed via an opening in the side of the ringing chamber of this central tower which has a stone vaulted ceiling above the crossing.  The porous treble has been replaced, the new bell being one of the last to be cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry.  The bells have been tuned and rehung on new fittings in the existing strengthened oak frame.

Barnham Broom, Norfolk

(5 bells, Tenor 9-0-20 in G) Rehanging five bells

The cast-in crown staples have been removed and the bells were rehung on new ringing fittings, including canon-retaining headstocks, in the existing strengthened bell frame.  Rope guides and chiming hammers were also installed.  The bells were not tuned.

Sigglesthorne, E. Yorks.

(3 bells, Tenor 8 cwt. approx.) Rehanging for chiming

The three James Harrison III bells have had their cast-in staples drilled out and were then rehung on traditional fittings for stationary chiming.

Long Melford, Suffolk (St. Catherine)

Restoration of a single bell

After falling into disuse, the bell has now had its cast-in crown staple removed and been rehung on new fittings with a trigger-action clapper.  Before St. Catherine's was built, the bell was thought to have hung at the larger Holy Trinity church.

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Cosgrove, Northants.

(6 bells, Tenor 10-0-26 in G) Drilling out the staples in the tower and new ringing fittings

The remaining cast-in crown staples have been drilled out with the bells remaining in the tower.  New ringing fittings have been supplied and fitted. 

Beverley, E. Yorks (St. Mary)

(12 bells + 1 semitone bell, Tenor 34-3-12 in Db) A ring of ten augmented to twelve and a light octave

Three new bells were cast to augment this ring of ten to twelve and to provide a light octave with a Sharp 2nd bell.  The new bells were hung in new cast iron and galvanised steel framework with new fittings to match the existing.  A galvanised steel access walkway was installed around the bell frame.

Loughton, Bucks.

(6 bells, Tenor 11-2-14 in G) Two new bells and a new bell frame

The treble and tenor bells have been replaced with new bells, the 4th and 5th bells have been weld-repaired to fill crown holes and clapper indentations, and the six bells have been hung in a new galvanised steel bell frame designed to take an additional two bells in the future.  The former tenor has been hung above as a clock bell.  A set of rope guides has also been installed.

Bolton Percy, N. Yorks

(3 bells, Tenor 17-2-16 in E) Three heavy bells put back into use

These bells have been unringable for many years due to the condition of the bell frame and their large size for the tower.  The cast-in crown staples have been drilled out and the bells have been rehung on traditional fittings for stationary manual and electronically controlled chiming.

Burford, Oxon (Tolsey Museum)

Locally cast bell put on display

The former treble from Taynton, cast by Thomas Bond of Burford, has been mounted for display in the town's museum.

Birmingham (St. Martin)

(16 Bells, Tenor 39-1-19 in C) A timber shaft clapper for the Tenor bell.

Following the breakage of the tenor clapper, a new clapper with a timber shaft was made.

Oxford (Christ Church Cathedral)

(12 Bells, Tenor 31-0-23 in D) A timber shaft clapper for the Tenor bell.

A clapper with a timber shaft has been fitted to the tenor bell.

Taynton, Oxon.

(6 bells, Tenor 6-0-27 in Bb) Three new bells and a rebuilt bell frame

The front three bells have been replaced with new bells and the back three bells have been re-tuned prior to all six being rehung on new fittings.  The Bond of Burford cast iron 8-bell frame has been dismantled and has been rebuilt as a 6-bell frame which has been installed on a new galvanised steel grillage to obtain a better rope circle.  The tower has also undergone major restoration and structural repair works.

St. Mary Bourne, Hants

(6 Bells, Tenor 11-1-6 in F#) A new Ringing Gallery

Following construction of a new ringing gallery, kitchen and toilet, the ropeways have been modified and relocated to provide a good rope circle.

Drayton, Somerset

(8 Bells, Tenor 16-1-1 in E) Maintenance & Improvement Works

The pulley units, sliders and slider brackets were replaced.  The main bearings were re-greased and the ropeways improved.

Colebrooke, Devon

(6 bells, Tenor 13-1-25 in F) Tuning and rehanging with new fittings

All but the "listed" 4th have been tuned.  The six bells have been fitted with all new ringing fittings and rehung in the existing strengthened bell frame

Bosham, West Sussex

(6 Bells, Tenor 13-0-7 in F) New Pulley Units

New pulley units have been fitted to all six bells.

Bramley, Surrey

(6 bells, Tenor 8-0-27 in A) Retuned and Rehung in the Existing Strengthened Bell Frame

The bells have been retuned and rehung on new fittings in the existing bell frame which has had its foundation strengthened locally.

Worcester Cathedral

(12 Bells + 4 semitone bells, Tenor 48-0-2 in B) A new Sharp 2nd bell

The first bell to be cast by the Westley Group, this was supplied with a complete set of full-circle ringing fittings to be hung by the Cathedral Ringers.  The bell was tuned by us at Appleton.

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